November 22, 2016

How to Train Your Dog to Behave Badly

You could conscientiously go to obedience classes and practice what you learn with your dog. You could go out of your way to prevent bad behaviors until your dog learns good ones. You could consistently reward desired behaviors over poor ones. But why go to all that trouble when you […]
November 22, 2016

How to Train Your Dog to Walk on a Loose Leash

Training a dog to obey a simple command is one thing. It’s not hard to train a dog to sit, while you stand with a treat in your hand. It’s a matter of consistency and practice. But training a dog to walk on a leash is another thing entirely. Actually, […]
November 22, 2016

Great Websites for Dog Owners

According to 2011-2012 statistics of the American Pet Products Association’s National Pet Owners Survey, there are 78.2 million household dogs in the US. 39% of US households own at least one dog. That’s a lot of pets, and a lot of owners. Fortunately, that also means that many companies cater […]
November 22, 2016

Common Behavior Problems and How to Deal With Them

The most common kind of question asked by dog owners on the first day of obedience class is: How do I get my dog to stop: scratching the screen, escaping from the kennel, chasing the cat, barking incessantly…. When bringing a new dog into the home, and sometimes for the […]